Poesimånaden: JAG SKREV EN TILL | Poetry month: I WROTE ANOTHER ONE
"Things that don't annoy you until your relationship is on the brink of an abyss.
Number one.
The young couple at your table in Starbucks, that hold each other and smile and talk freely as if they are one.
The old pair, where the man gets his lady a new coffee after he got her the wrong one, which she audibly yet lovingly tells everyone in the cafe about.
The man in the bicycle shorts, on the phone with his loved one, planning a nice evening with whatever his loved one wants (I imagined everything he suggested as he said it).
The italian guy on his way out of the subway, surprising his lover with dinner reservations over the phone in a voice mail, which he re-records five times in the time it takes me to walk past him, to get it just right.
I think about buying flowers for myself because no one else ever has - not in a romantic way anyway. But I know I'd be too busy thinking about you to remember to water them."
För att avrunda poesimånaden så ville jag dela med mig av en till egen text. Detta är väl kanske mer av ett utdrag ur en längre text jag jobbar på - vi får se vad det blir av detta. Vanligtvis skriver jag ju sångtexter så detta är lite av en skön break, att inte behöva korta ned och anpassa texterna. Jag har som sagt ingen aning hur en korrekt skriver en dikt, men det är väl kanske det som är lite fint med det; du får skriva vad du vill. Jag uppmuntrar er att testa det.
ENGLISH: To round off poetry month, I wanted to share another one of my own texts. I guess this is more of a draft from a longer text I'm writing - we'll see wat happens to it. Usually I write song lyrics, so this is a bit of a nice break, to not have to shorten and adapt the texts. As I've said before, I have no idea how to write a proper poem, but maybe that's what's so nice about it; you can write whatever you want. I encourage you to try it.