Poesimånaden: JAG SKREV EN EGEN | Poetry month: I WROTE MY OWN


"I have too many red lipsticks
I was trying to find the perfect one, actively searching
Too shiney, too bright, too pink, too too
I often bought into them, tried them on
But they all wanted me to be
Something I'm not

I think the searching and the trying was what ruined it
I did want to be that girl though
Her, in the cafe, mysterious, reserved, cultured
Reading the latest off of International Best Sellers
Instagram ready

But I stopped searching
And I found you
I don't wear lipstick now
I'd rather we makeout
The feel of your lips, the imprint you leave
Is my favourite shade"

Jag skrev denna på min mobil klockan tre på natten.

ENGLISH: I wrote this on my phone at 3am.